The Father Series

A set of three novels by Rhonda Hanson

Father Series

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The Father Series

Father's Choice, Father's Wings, Father's Song

The Father Series brings all three of the original books into one boxed set: Father's Choice, Father's Wings, and Father's Song.

Father's Choice is the first in the set and is endorsed by LuLu Roman (star of television's hit comedy "Hee Haw") and by Nancy Alcorn (founder and president of Mercy Multiplied, formerly Mercy Ministries).

Father's Wings picks up seamlessly after Father's Choice and effortlessly continues the journey of Joel and Meredith into Father's Song, the third and final book of the series.

Be sure to check out the linked novel, Father's Friend, which can be read before or after the series, to discover even more of how Meredith, who is her own deepest hiding place, emerges in her quest to become a friend of God.

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