Buying The Farm

A novel by Rhonda Hanson

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Buying The Farm
Hanson, Rhonda

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Buying The Farm

the latest from Rhonda Hanson

When Barrett Webb was asked if he would consider buying the Anderson farm, he assumed it was because Webb Enterprises was recognized as one of the largest purchasers of neglected ranches and farms around, with a commitment to restoring them back to full productivity, either reselling them, or expanding their cattle business and adding to their holdings.

He thought it was business as usual, although the banker had advised him that the woman being forced to sell was recently widowed and that her late husband had been hiding the bills from her and drinking up any money he could get his hands on, forcing her to have to lose the farm and her home in order to settle their overwhelming indebtedness.

It wasn't a story he'd never heard of happening before, but when he drove out to view the farm, and concluded that the girl in the chicken pen was more than likely the daughter of Mrs. Anderson, he was stunned to learn, as she washed herself off with the garden hose, then stepped out to approach him, that she was a woman, not a girl, and that even with wet, muddy jeans and streaks of grease on her face, Mrs. Anderson was absolutely the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.

Barrett has been told that when the farm is sold, the woman with no family or close friends will become homeless, but he is prepared to offer her a solution.

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